Basketball Training


1 class a week (4 in a month) $125

2 classes a week (8 in a month) $175

ECBA TEAM MEMBERS: email us for more information on your regular training class costs



1 class a week (4 in a month) $175

ECBA TEAM MEMBERS: email us for more information on your Elite training class costs

NW Magic Team Members: email for more information on your Elite training class costs.

Even with our state loosening Covid mandates, we still want to keep our staff and players safe and healthy. We will still be implementing gym Covid rules.


Players should wait to enter the gym until at least 2-3 minutes before their class starts. And should leave as soon as their class ends. We want to get kids in and out as quickly as we can. We do not want players hanging out in the gym before or after their classes.

No parents/spectators will be allowed in the gym.

Every player who enters the gym must be registered. Any player not registered will not be allowed in the gym.

Players MUST bring their own basketballs. Basketballs should be sanitized before and after each practice/training. Players should not share their basketball with others.

Players must sanitize/wash hands when they enter and leave the facility.

Players should not share water bottles, uniforms, towels, or snacks and should not spit (saliva, sunflower seeds, etc.).

Players are required to stay home if they feel unwell, show any signs of COVID-19, or are a close contact of a confirmed case.

Players should try to stay socially distant when not playing. This includes before and after practice/training, during breaks, during team huddles and meetings, when waiting for the restroom, etc.

Facility and equipment will be cleaned daily.

We look forward to seeing you at the gym. Please let us know if you have any questions.



New Class! Vertimax and Shooting Cage

This program is designed to work to increase vertical leap and explosion with designed workouts with vertimax and the ECBA weight room.  Players will also do shooting level training inside the shooting cage.  Shooting level training is based on the Jasen Baskett shooting program where each player must hit certain percentage benchmarks in order to move to the next level. This program ensures that every shot matters and the players focus on technique has to be spot on each and every shot.

Shooting Class

This class uses the techniques and teachings of Jasen Baskett in mastering how to be a great shooter. Coach Baskett’s shooting thesis focuses on training the body to shoot straight constantly through biomechanics teaching process. Teach the body to strengthen a repetitive movement under distress like in a game. The class will cover some of the following and more:

(The class always subject to change to fit the class needs.)

  1. Band resistance shooting
  2. Chair shooting
  3. 4-step form process
  4. Proper footwork
  5. Moving without the ball
  6. Shooting off screens (reads)
  7. Shooting off pick and rolls
  8. Drive and Kick
  9. Transition shooting
  10. Live defense shooting


Point Guard Class

This class uses the techniques and teachings of Jasen Baskett manual. Coach Baskett believes that there are 12 qualities to a great point guard. These qualities will be focused on during this class. This class will have a lot of live defense when working on all skills, because when practicing ball handling moves and other skills, unfortunately cones do not reach, push and move like defenders.

To be a great PG:

  1. Great Ball Handlers
  2. Good Shooters off ball screens
  3. Play With Composure under pressure
  4. Great Finishers using different techniques
  5. Communicate Effectively
  6. High Basketball IQ
  7. Mentally Tough
  8. Decision Making
  9. On ball defender
  10. Strategic Passer
  11. Physically Tough
  12. Respected 3-Point Shooter

Post Class

This class uses the techniques and teachings of Jasen Baskett manual. Coach Baskett believes that there are 10 qualities to a great Post Player. These qualities will be focused on during this class. This class will have a lot of live defense when working on all skills. The ability to move your feet in proper post position, catch a ball in traffic and finish on contact must be done each class to be a great post player. Throughout the course players will learn the 8 move rack series coach Baskett has taught to over 100 div 1 post players

  1. Position Makes all the Difference
  2. Screens are Scoring Opportunities
  3. Run the Floor
  4. Anchor the Defense
  5. Dominate the Boards
  6. Use Your Body to Create Space
  7. Have an Incredible Motor
  8. Master the Jump Shot
  9. Crafty with Your Post Moves
  10. Scoring on the move i.e. pick and rolls & pops


Wing Class

This class uses the techniques and teachings of Jasen Baskett manual. Coach Baskett believes that there are 10 qualities to a great Wing Player. These qualities will be focused on during this class. This class will have a lot of live defense when working on all skills. Wings have to be multidimensional players. They need to be able to attack, shoot, post and handle the ball in an efficient manner within the team’s offense.

  1. Learn to be Efficient in scoring with few dribbles
  2. Score Within the Offense
  3. Find Easy Scoring Opportunities cutting
  4. Give the Ball Up When need be
  5. Score in 1 on 1 situation or make two defenders guard you and score with the assist
  6. 1 on 1 footwork moves
  7. Be a Complete Player score in all different ways cutting, attacking, shooting, posting and so forth
  8. Know & Read Your Defender's Tendencies
  9. Know When to Attack
  10. Be a great shooter
  11. Be able to finish
  12. Be able to create space for a shot

Combo Class

This class is dedicated to learning how to execute, perform, and learn proper fundamentals and the ability to score within different common style offenses in basketball. Players will learn breakdowns of 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 of different offensive situations that most coaches teach. This will allow ECBA players to learn and have the ability to play in any style of offense and be successful. Below is a sample list of the breakdowns

  1. Flat pick and roll
  2. Wing pick and roll
  3. Hand-offs
  4. Back doors
  5. Pin downs
  6. Flex cuts
  7. Screen the screener
  8. Post 2-Man game
  9. Dribble hand-off (Euro Cut)
  10. Motion screening and moving





At Emerald City Basketball Academy players can train once, twice or multiple times a week depending on what the player wants to commit to. The ECBA training program is widely known as one of the best training programs around. The training at ECBA is very unique and has a style of its own. ECBA has produced hundreds of Division I, II, III and NAIA players.

The ECBA training program offers five days a week of player development, where we offer specialized classes created by Coach Baskett. All ECBA trainers, at all gyms, are trained to deliver the same high quality, proven training system that is based on fundamentals, and the unique training philosophy developed by Coach Baskett.

All ECBA trainers are certified by Jasen Baskett and follow Coach Baskett's training manual, known as The Basketball Bible, 12 months a year. Jasen Baskett took 3 years to develop a week-by-week, 104-week basketball training manual. This manual covers the following courses: Point Guard, Wing, Shooting, Post, and Combo Guard training. The ECBA training manual is a week-by-week progressive building block system that focuses on one-to-two topics per month. These topics are learned inside and out with all different angles and situations. Each week there will be different skills added to the core topic and then built upon from week to week, just like kids learn in school.

We offer classes that specialize in wing player development, combination classes that focus on different ways to succeed in different styles of offenses, point guard development, post development, and shooting. Within these classes, we focus on shooting form, moves to score, ways to set up shot opportunities, how to read the defense, and more. You’ve got to see us in action to really understand how much we can teach your son or daughter in such a short period of time. We extend an open invitation for you to come and watch one of our training sessions and see for yourself what makes ECBA such a unique program and how we can significantly improve your son or daughter’s game.

Not only is ECBA's Training methods unique, but the philosophy in which it is built on is what sets us apart from the rest it.


Coach Baskett's 5 Keys to Training

1. Teach the body to master the skill so that the brain doesn’t get in the way during competition. Athletes can then perform the skill in live action play correctly without over-thinking, allowing them to perform at a higher level.

2. Shooting with live defense. Cones and other props don’t reach on you or try to block your shot. You must execute the skill against live defense and help defense in live game situations. I don’t believe in shooting over and over unguarded (a little is OK, but not a lot).

3. You must train the BODY-SKILL-MIND constantly to endure stressful situations in the BODY-SKILL-MIND.

4. Read-React-Attack situation training against live defense. This helps players play without thinking and raises a player’s basketball IQ by having the plan-of-attack mentality. Basketball is a 5-on-5 sport, not a 1-on-1 sport. To train against only 1 defender and no teammates doesn’t work. I want game players, not drill players.

5. The body must be trained outside its comfort level at exaggerated rates of speed and explosiveness. By consistently training at faster speeds that are outside a players comfort level, the body will eventually adapt to the high level of speed and quickness and gain a higher level of comfort.