What is the cost to play on a team for a season?

Team Fee – The team fees will be announced before each season

Uniform - $125 – Each uniform comes with a practice jersey.

AAU Membership - $14


Could there be any additional costs?


  • If your team chooses to participate in out of town tournaments, you are responsible for all your child’s travel related costs such as hotel, airfare, rental car and any other expenses associated with out of town travel. Your team will also allocate and collect fees for your coach’s expenses and travel related fees. Travel related fees for out of town tournaments are separate and not covered by ECBA.
  • If your team decides to add any additional tournaments that are not scheduled by ECBA and budgeted in your team fee, the team will collect for these tournaments separately.
  • If you choose to attend training classes these are an additional fee and are separate from team fees.


What does the team fee pay for?

The team fee pays for all tournaments and/or leagues that ECBA has scheduled, the coach, gym costs and all administrative costs.


Can I make payments on the team fee?

Yes. You will the option to make payments on your team fee


Is my child required to attend training classes? 

No. Training classes are optional. In order to attend training classes, you must pay for them separately from your team fee. Only plyers who have registered and paid for training classes will be able to attend.


What if my child does not want to play on a team? Can they still attend training classes?

Yes. Anyone can attend our training classes. You do not need to play on one of our teams.


Does my child need an AAU membership?

Yes. They will not be able to play on our teams or participate in any tournaments or league games without an AAU Membership.


When are team tryouts?

We have team tryouts twice a year. At the end of February for our Spring/Summer Season and at the end of August for our Fall/Winter youth Season and Fall HS Season.


How long is a season?

Youth (grades 2nd-8th) Spring/Summer 6 months. March, April, May, June, July, August

HS (grades 9th-11th) Spring/Summer 6 months. March, April, May, June, July, August


Youth (grades 2nd-8th) Fall/Winter 6 months. Sept., Oct. Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb

HS (grades 9th-12th) Fall – Sept, Oct


Is my child required to play the entire season?

Yes. If you register your child for a team, they are required to play for the entire season. If they quit before the season is over there will be no refunds.


Can I get a refund if my child quits the team?

No refunds will be issued once teams are set.


When will my child’s team practice?

Some teams will practice twice a week, some teams will practice once a week. Team practice days and times are announced after tryouts are completed.


When will games be?

Games will be played on the weekends. Each team will be given a list of the tournaments and/or leagues they will play in for the season in their individual team email.

Games are played on Saturday and Sunday.

Even though we will give you what events your team will be playing in, the actual days and times will come from the tournament and league directly and are normally available the week of the games.


Does ECBA run the tournaments and leagues?

No. We enter teams into these events that are run by other organizations. They are held outside of ECBA and are out of ECBA control. All game times, gym locations, and cancellation of games are the responsibility of the tournament and league directors.


What if my child gets injured?

If your child suffers an injury and cannot participate, please provide ECBA Administration with a written notice from a dr. and we will mark your child as injured on their team roster.


Do ECBA coaches have background checks?

Yes. Each coach has a background check done through AAU.


How much of a commitment is it to play on a team?

We expect all team members to attend all team practices and games. We understand that families have other commitments, but coaches will expect consistent attendance. If you need to miss for any reason this should be communicated with your team coach.

What happens if my child consistently misses games and practices?

Playing time is not guaranteed. It must me be earned with commitment and production. This is done by attending practice and games. Coaches have full discretion to move players from one team to another. The reasons for being relocated or replaced would be if a player does not meet coaches’ or directors’ expectations in attendance, commitment and/or production.


How is team communication done?

Team communication is done through LeagueApps. Each team will have their own LeagueApp Site with their own team calendar. This is where practice days and times will be and all tournaments and leagues. It is important for each family to mark their availability in their LeagueApp calendar so coaches know who will be attending.


What is the best way to communicate with ECBA?

The best way to contact ECBA is through EMAIL. This will ensure the quickest reply to your questions. Please always include your child’s first and last name, team/grade and a phone number.


Can my child play for another club and ECBA?

No. ECBA team members may not play for another club team and ECBA at the same time. School and feeder teams are ok.



What level of play are ECBA teams? Do you have more than one team at each grade level?

We normally have 2 teams at each grade level. We have teams for all levels. Our Black teams are our top level teams that play at the highest level. We also have 2nd teams that are highly competitive. We also have teams that are more developmental that help younger kids learn the game. We have something for everyone.


How many players are on a team?

We let the coach decide how many players they would like to have on their team.


Do you post each team’s roster on your website after tryouts?

No. If you would like a roster of players after teams are set you will need to request this from us.


How do we know if my child has made a team?

Emails and phone calls start to go out the day after all tryouts are completed and can take a few days to be completed due to large number of players trying out.